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About the Toolkit

Funder Tools for Supporting LGBTQ Communities of Color

The Racial Equity Online Toolkit begins by reviewing how competing frameworks understand racial disparities. Because definitions are central to these models, we've paired this tool with a glossary of terms on racial equity and LGBTQ issues. To illustrate how inequality plays out among LGBTQ communities of color, we then move to synthesizing facts, visuals and examples; here we include population snapshots, an educational slideshow, a real-life case study and resources for learning about transgender issues. Finally, we close with two tools that are meant to spark a conversation in your foundation: assessment diagrams with guiding questions and a deeper look into LGBTQ people of color organizations and programs. Let's start this dialogue with the first eight tools.

Review different approaches to understanding racial inequities
Familiarize yourself with key concepts and definitional differences
Population Snapshots
Understand the populations
Inequality Slideshow
Observe the multiple bars of the birdcage
Case Study & 10 Steps
Relate these multiple, systemic factors to LGBTQ communities
Transgender Lens
Now connect your lens to transgender and gender non-conforming people
Assessment Diagrams
Begin an internal dialogue by reviewing key questions
Nonprofit Directory
Learn about autonomous LGBTQ people of color organizations

Future tools

Over the next year and a half, Funders for LGBTQ Issues will produce more tools to support grantmakers in implementing an LGBTQ racial equity lens into their grantmaking and internal operations. Register for regular email updates