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About the Toolkit

About the Toolkit

The Racial Equity Online Toolkit provides a range of grantmaking tools, commentaries and best practices to support grantmakers in implementing an LGBTQ racial equity lens into their grantmaking and internal operations.

This toolkit is no longer actively updated. Please visit www.lgbtfunders.org to learn more about our current programming and ways to support racial equity in your grantmaking.

How to Use the Toolkit

Funder Tools tease apart the distinct subject matters, resources and grantmaking strategies that can help address populations dealing with multiple barriers. Go through each tool in numeric order or skip to areas that are more useful to your foundation. Also, register for email updates to hear about new tools.
Perspectives from the Field span the populations, socio-economic concerns and organizational issues facing LGBTQ communities of color. Search for perspectives by topic and read how foundation leaders, academics and nonprofit leaders are devising solutions for repairing broadly felt inequities.
Publications explore the issues facing LGBTQ communities of color and provide guidance to grantmakers and practitioners interested in reducing racial, economic and gender disparities. Search these nonprofit reports by topic and suggest additional publications for the site.
Foundation Successes relate the innovative strategies that foundation leaders nationwide have used to support diverse communities. Search the toolkit's perspectives by "grantmaking" to read these stories. Also, share your own foundation's successes and we'll post them.
Sharing Features and Commenting Sections that allow you to share these tools and commentaries with your colleagues. Post a perspective on Facebook, email a tool to a friend or leave a comment that helps deepen the conversation. Also, email us with questions to explore.

Project Team

Project Lead & Web Content

Robert Espinoza
Director of Research & Communications
Funders for LGBTQ Issues

LeAnn Locher

Web Development
Chadwick Cipiti Studios, Inc.

Advisory Committee

Ignatius Bau
Program Director
The California Endowment

Gail Cooper

Masen Davis
Executive Director
Transgender Law Center

Roger Doughty
Executive Director
Horizons Foundation

Jan Jaffe
Project Leader

Niki Jagpal
Research Director
National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy

Surina Khan
Vice President of Programs
Women's Foundation of California

Kalpana Krishnamurthy
RACE & Gender Justice Program Director
Western States Center

Andrew Lane
Executive Director
Johnson Family Foundation

Rickke Mananzala
Executive Director

Rashad Robinson
Senior Director of Media Programs

Russell Roybal
Deputy Executive Director of External Relations
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force

Lori Villarosa
Executive Director
Philanthropic Initiative for Racial Equity

Have a suggestion for the project team and advisory committee? Email us at info@lgbtfunders.org