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When the Pride Foundation—a Seattle-based, community foundation in the Pacific Northwest—launched an initiative to better support LGBTQ people of color organizations throughout the region, it saw immediate returns. First, speaking about racial disparities among LGBTQ communities of color fostered awareness about lingering inequalities—and created opportunities for new partnerships with other funders and individual donors. It also strengthened relationships between the foundation and LGBTQ people of color groups, many of which are scattered across a large, mostly rural region. And it brought together LGBTQ people of color leaders working within diverse populations, geographic areas and confronting unique challenges; these groups soon coalesced to share ideas, build a network, access funding, and consider ways of working through an economic recession. For community and public foundations, integrating an LGBTQ racial equity lens can mean a range of positive returns. Ultimately, it means better grantmaking, a resilient foundation and a docket of local leaders with the resources to imagine a world free of injustice.

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Frameworks for understanding race
From "diversity and inclusion" efforts to "racial justice," more and more funders are promoting opportunity and dealing with deeply embedded inequities—finding ways to make a difference in their unique institutions. Compare the theories

Case study: Racial inequities among LGBTQ youth of color
How can funders understand the various aspects of “structural racism” on LGBTQ communities? What are the steps? Read an illustrative case study

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"Whatever community you are seeking to serve, it is imperative to first include the leaders of that community from day one in your planning process." Read More

Katie Brisson
Senior Program Officer, Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan

"The bigger question is perhaps: what pressures and barriers have kept LGBT people of color programs and non-profits from existing and thriving?" Read More

Greg Grinley
Executive Director, PFund Foundation

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NQAPIA (National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance)

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